Informació rebuda de la fira sobre la segona edició completament renovada del BCBF Global Rights Exchange (GRE) en línia.

El BCBF Global Rights Exchange està reservat als expositors registrats a la Fira de Bolonya els anys 2019, 2020 i 2021 i estarà disponible de forma gratuïta fins al 31 de desembre de 2021. Els visitants en 2019 i els que es van inscriure l’any passat a aquesta plataforma també estan convidats a participar-hi de nou.

Tots els visitants tindran accés a tots els títols oferts pels expositors i podran contactar-hi mitjançant la nova funció de xat traduïble i les funcions de videotrucada. No obstant això, els visitants no podran penjar títols.

Global-Rights-ExchangeDear Exhibitor,

we are pleased to confirm that the 2nd completely revamped edition of our BCBF Global Rights Exchange (GRE) is now online.
Developed in partnership with PubMatch, a US platform catering for the international copyright market, the BCBF Global Rights Exchange is reserved for Exhibitors registered for BCBF 2019, 2020 and 2021, and will be available free of charge until 31 December 2021. Visitors to BCBF 2019 and those who registered for BCBF 2020 are also invited to participate again.
All Visitors will have access to all titles offered by Exhibitors, and be able to contact them via the new translatable chat feature, and video call functions. Visitors will not, however, be able to upload titles. The following industry players are authorized to access the GRE 2021:

  • Publishers
  • Agents/Licensing agencies
  • Scouts
  • Licensees
  • Licensors
  • Developers
  • TV and Audiovisual Producers

Exhibitors are invited to register and activate their profile, add the names of their staff authorised to use the platform, and upload titles that will be offered to the international market. If you were previously registered, you can update your profile, add, edit or delete any titles previously provided.

The new GRE has 4 completely new features:

  • Chat with translation: registered Exhibitors and Visitors can chat in their own language. Group chats will also be available;
  • Instant video meetings: a video chat can be started during a chat session with Visitors and Exhibitors simply by clicking on the video-chat command, without the need to schedule a video meeting on another platform. Screen sharing will also be available during video chats;
  • Inviting clients and key contacts: each GRE-registered Exhibitor will receive unlimited passes to invite other publishers and agents not registered with the GRE to use the platform and attend meetings. This offers lasts until 31 December 2021;
  • A section dedicated to the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair: a tailored platform for BLTF Exhibitors to offer their licences in the same way as BCBF Exhibitors. The two BCBF and BLTF areas on the GRE will be accessible free of charge to Exhibitors and Visitors of both trade shows.

That’s not all – other new features include:

  • Improved search function allowing users to locate content by subject, topic, age group and more;
  • Easy-to-use automated single or bulk upload of titles and pdfs;
  • A highlight function for key titles, and a new product/title showcase section;
  • A highlight function of membership in a national association or collective;
  • An improved intuitive dashboard to manage titles, meetings and messages;
  • An even more prominent Comics Corner area, accessible directly clicking on a dedicated banner.

Information on how to navigate the platform and the registration process are available in how-to videos uploaded in the GRE section “MY DASHBOARD”.


If you registered with the GRE last year, you simply need to confirm your registration. Click on the BCBF Global Rights Exchange banner on our website home page and access the GRE homepage. Use last year’s credentials to access the platform (click on the “forgotten password” button if you no longer have them to hand), then generate a new access password. Please note that after this initial access, last year’s credentials will no longer be valid.


BCBF Exhibitors wishing to register with the GRE for the first time should click on the “New Exhibitor” banner and complete the fields. The BCBF Secretariat will review all new registrations. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your dashboard enabling you to start using the GRE platform.

A support service is available for any queries or problems at:

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to meeting you virtually on the BCBF Global Rights Exchange.

Best regards,
The BCBF Team

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